初夏の旅路 Traveling in Early Summer

初夏の旅路 Traveling in Early Summer


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"初夏の旅路 Traveling in Early Summer"
is part of the interactive minting experience at Proof of X with KUMALEON, Tokyo, 2023.



As the rainy days came to an end, the gentle fall of cherry blossoms marked the arrival of early summer. This transitional phase between spring and summer brings a mild and pleasant climate. Nature awakens, showcasing vibrant shades of green as plants thrive and flourish. A stroll through the streets of Tokyo reveals a captivating sight: hydrangeas of various colors grace every corner, casting a spell of natural beauty. While the occasional typhoon may pass by, it does not overshadow the charm of this season. Moreover, the ripening plums offer a taste of traditional Japanese flavors, with options ranging from sour plums to plum wine.

My inspiration for this piece draws upon my own impressions of early summer in Japan. In 2019, having recently arrived in Japan, I embarked on a journey to Kamakura with my friends. The vivid hydrangeas and serene ponds at Hasedera Temple left an indelible mark on my memory as my first encounter with the essence of early summer in Japan. It was during that year that I delved into the realm of creative coding, by using Processing. The following year, in 2020, I ventured further into generative art using P5.js. Both my pursuit of knowledge in Japan and my creative endeavors became integral parts of my life's journey, akin to cherished scenic spots that leave a lasting impression. Through my artwork, I aspire to share my sentiments from this transformative voyage with the audience.


Now, let's delve into the details of my creation. The objective of this artwork was to portray a top-down perspective of a pond encircled by lush vegetation, reminiscent of a landscape painting. To imbue the work with different atmospheres, I incorporated four distinct styles for the plant elements: grass, leaves, pine needles, and bubbles. The interplay of these elements breathes life into the still scene, infusing the entire artwork with vitality. The rippling water and gracefully swimming koi in the pond evoke a sense of movement, juxtaposing the serene setting. In Eastern culture, koi symbolizes wealth, auspiciousness, health, and happiness. It bestows good fortune upon those who encounter it. Ultimately, my artwork encapsulates my initial impression of early summer in Japan through a creative approach that intertwines reality and imagination, merging motion and stillness.

Through this artistic endeavor, I aim to transport the audience to the captivating realm of early summer in Japan. With its vibrant colors, gentle breezes, and the promise of new beginnings, this season captures the essence of natural beauty and the richness of Japanese culture. May my work resonate with viewers, allowing them to embark on their own journey through the enchanting landscapes of their imagination.


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