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Digital artists have largely been unable to make a living from their art during the last twenty years. However, this paradigm has slowly been changing with the advent of blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Our mission is to accelerate that change by building fxhash into the world’s foremost generative art hub. In this place, the entire artistic community (e.g., artists, collectors, curators, institutions) has access to meaningful tools to achieve and share their art projects.

Ultimately, fxhash is where global artists earn a living from their digital works of art, independent of their location on the planet, while using our tools that enable them to learn, grow, and excel in their craft.

In our ecosystem, collectors, curators, galleries, and museums share an equivalent status with artists in that their support, network effects, and feedback are essential to the artist’s success.

That’s why we give equal focus to building marketplace features, curation tools, and live minting implementations so that collectors, curators, galleries, and museums can showcase and further promote the generative art movement.

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