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all that remains

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full title: all that remains / all that, remains / all, that remains

Parkinson's alters one's connection to the world they inhabit. I am very glad to be able to contribute to @Cure3Exhibition's fundraising towards @CureParkinsonsT's research for potential cures with my piece, "All that remains // all that, remains // all, that remains". A metaphor of one's world from what others see and from the 1st person perspective, where the self remains the same but its interface with the world is distorted.

One may question who is the person. Is it the person who sees herself, or is it how it expresses and relates to its environment? Mental / cognitive illnesses affect directly this notion of self, in dramatic ways for those affected and their loved ones. This piece explores both perspectives: the appearance from outside of what the person and their difficulty is, and the appearance of the person from inside, how one perceives herself. Not by creating a literal landscape of what being struck by Parkinson's means, but painting a metaphor of distorted worlds around a person, and allowing the experiencer to remove the distorted world and focus only on the person. How do we do this? Do we actually do this? Do we do this with people affected by illnesses? Do we realize we all live in a continuous spectrum of ability/disability, that we can all someday be subject to conditions that affect our position on this axis?

I have had direct contact with relatives with Parkinson's disease, as well as other central nervous system / cognitive illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease. While these are different conditions, they end up affecting in similar ways to the person living through it and their environment. I am very grateful to Artwise Curators, Bonhams, Foteini Valeonti and Alex Estorick for the initiative, organization and inviting me, and Cure Parkinson's for all the effort towards finding potential cures. Your work is most needed.

100% of the primary sales and 100% of the royalties go to Cure Parkinson's for their efforts.

The artwork is interactive and allows the user to explore it. For instructions on how to do it, click on the artwork and press "i" while in live mode to download a text file with the instructions. Basic / most important interactions:

- Press "w" to switch the view between the distorted world / the world focused on the person.
- "i" to download the instructions.
- Press "s" to save the current image at the current resolution.
- Press "l" to obtain a different view.
- You can alter resolution, change the view / camera position / target, and other things with the provided controls.
- You can also specify a number of URL parameters, save the current view and other things. Please refer to the instructions.

The piece is graphics intensive and requires dedicated GPU to run properly. Tested on mid to high range GPUs on laptops and desktop computers. Will *not* work on most phones.

The piece might show a blank or noisy image if a distortion happens to fall very near to the camera. You can press "l" or explore with the provided commands, save the URL that defines the view and use it in future occasions.

Dedicated to everyone suffering from this condition, and to those working towards finding cures and improving patient's lives. Thanks.

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