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Minted on September 21, 2022 at 22:39

Among the thousands of different types of natural ecosystems, we come across some that are more bizarre than others and have particular characteristics. They might also be imposing most of the time to us as a misty forest that contains plenty of diverse habitats.

The point with these beautiful is that they are too complex ecosystems because they're formed by numerous tree layers. Since these forests that consist of different types of trees develop in areas laden with water vapor or dew at the flora level, the degree of sun exposure is reduced, which makes the evaporation of water by plants much lower.

After this information about the misty/foggy forests, I wanted to give the name called 'Rudeneja' which describes the way nature and/or the weather begins to feel like Autumn. I've tried to achieve that by creating a dense layer of trees, fog, grasses, and leaves. Also, the blur effect I've applied after all layers gives a nice depth effect in the composition. Each different color spot for the element of the piece translates the art's structure to a possible iteration. The features of the project are below, you can review and try them through the variations.


- Back Trees Density: Very low-26%, Low-6%, Medium-7%, High-9%, Very High-52%
- Big Tree: true-89%, false-11%
- Leaves: true-29%, false-71%
- Back Trees Type: Poplar-16%, Elm-9%, Sycamore-12%, Eucalyptus-11%, Dogwood-9%, Horse Chestnut-15%, Serviceberry-13%, Ginkgo Biloba-11%
- Big Tree Type: Poplar-11%, Elm-10%, Sycamore-8%, Eucalyptus-9%, Dogwood-14%, Horse Chestnut-17%, Serviceberry-18%, Ginkgo Biloba-13%
- Gray Scale: true-17%, false-83%
- Fog Density: Very Low-17%, Low-14%, Medium-17%, High-23%, Very High-29%
- Grass Colors: Absolute Dark-26%, Ebony Clay-13.5%, Rosy Brown-4.5%, Black Olive-9%, Black Eel-5.25%, Crater Brown-6.75%, Cork-6%, Bleached Cedar-3.75%, Night-7.5%, Gray-15.75%
- Sky Colors: Gray-26%, Dark Blue-%9, Bordeaux-6.75%, Dark Sienna-5.25, Dark Blue Gray-6.75%, Tuna-6%, Asphalt-4.5%, Light Burgundy-5.25%, Clear Blur-4.5%, Black Bean-6.75, Bean Red-4.5%, Light Green-6.5%
- Leaves Colors: Black-26%, Night-10.5%, Blur Charcoal-6.75%, Jaguar-7.5%, Wood Bark-6.75%, Sepia Black-10.5%, Dried Blood-14.25%, Dark Teal-8.25%
- Fog Colors: Gray-27%, Lavender Pinocchio-11%, Link Water-10%, Pale Aqua-13%, Blossom-13%, Summer Green-13%, Jungle Mist-13%
- Light Direction: Left-38%, Right-41%, Behind-21%

Press 's' to export a 2000x3000 png file in live mode.

The project was tested on desktop Chrome 105.0.5195.127, Mozilla 104.0.2, and Edge 105.0.1343.42 versions.

Made with p5js.


September 2022 / Rhaegar

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