Project #86 — iteration #593

Minted on November 19, 2021 at 15:14

The formal structure of a book is beautiful by itself, but its aesthetic is the tacit atmosphere within which events take place in a story.

The WebGL real-time animation sets up an initial grid based on the fxhash. The grid cells get subdivided into another grid and the resulting cells become filled with pixels in color (~33%) or black and white (~66%).
The colored pixels come in 3 different coloring styles.
- Big Palette (~49%)
- Small Palette (~49%)
- Monochrome [b/w] (~2%)
4 noise algorithms modify the pixels of selected grid cells while at the same time 4 reset algorithms reassemble the initial image. The selected cells switch over time.

Minted Price10 TEZCreator
Kim Asendorf
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