Project #14801 — iteration #157

Minted on June 17, 2022 at 16:21

Contort is the result of combining several previously meaningless experiments and learnings into a single cohesive algorithm. The project comes in a variety of shapes, bends, twists, colors, and other variations.

The artwork builds towards the end-result by rendering a fixed number of forms per frame to ensure a smooth rendering process. Rendering times can vary depending on which features are combined by the hash.

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Bart Simons
The Silent Harbour
The Silent Harbour
Lower is rarer
Operation hashoo8kXhvqzpMPc4W1fZQ6MvQNywNYXfKNEkuSGGnGD4tpo1pXbcjoo8kXh...1pXbcj
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