TENDER Pass #20

owned byTobias Reber

owned byTobias Reber

TENDER Pass #20

Project #15924 — iteration #20

Minted on July 5, 2022 at 05:09

Tender is a curatorial platform and community that helps bring incredible works of generative art to discerning collectors.

Holding a TENDER Pass enables enriched benefits and experiences within the Tender ecosystem. Passholders expand their access to unique collaborations with extraordinary artists, indispensable collector tools, curatorial experiences, artwork insights, fine art prints, a thriving community, and more.

Tender is committed to stewarding the growth of generative art and amplifying the voices of artists and collectors across the entire lifecycle: from creation to collection to curation, and back again. Every Pass minted and resold directly enables Tender to continue creating the platform and experiences that serve this mission.


TENDER Pass features unique artwork by punevyr. While all Passes are special, a small number of randomly generated, rarified tokens will come with boosted benefits. If you have a piece with a dark background of any kind, you likely possess one of the following:

Bonus Pass
TENDER Passes with the special Bonus trait get 1 guaranteed reserve spot on all TENDER x Collab projects

Grail Pass
TENDER Passes with the special Grail trait get 2 free mints on all TENDER x Collab projects

New Passholders may access our Discord server that’s linked from our website.
For TENDER Pass benefits and up-to-date details, please visit tender.art/pass

Artwork created with p5.js


TENDER x punevyr
July 2022

Minted Price250 TEZCreator
Tobias Reber
Lower is rarer
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