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We all experience love at different scales, ranging from scarcely perceived instances of kindness to unforgettable affections shown to us by family and friends, pets and partners. Each of these moments link us to the same boundless and enveloping interconnectedness that persists across space and time: the infinite source of our deepest aspirations.

Like the feeling of simple bliss, ‘Love’ portrays the visceral radiant light and warmth of our innermost joys. By taking a moment to open ourselves up, these swirling worlds of weightless and seemingly infinite brush strokes invite us to slow down and dwell in prismatic intuitive swells.

In doing so, we may find the immense and omnipresent love that needs only our awareness to be felt.


Press 1-9 to load at different scales (1 = 2,000x2,000 (default), 9 = 10,000x10,000)
When zoomed in, once the output is fully loaded, you can click and drag to move around the canvas
Press 'S' to save the image at the current scale
Press 'B' to toggle the background texture on or off
Press 'A' to toggle the loading animation (recommended for very large scales)

Created with p5.js
For third party license information, please see bundle.js.LICENSE.txt
TENDER x teaboswell
May 2022

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