Project #25766 — iteration #6

Minted on March 9, 2023 at 15:00

With its layered bursts of color, light, and shadow, Supernal Memories carries an underlying message of optimism through its harmony of seeming dualities – hard and soft, familiar and surprising, expression and introspection.

Each newly generated circle brings its own energy, creating layered groups of light that sometimes resemble phenomena like nebula, lightning sprites, and auras – ethereal whispers of something remembered.

Supernal Memories is an invitation to observe the forms & feel of each piece without labeling their qualities, to contemplate the infinite possibilities of the universe, and to explore the depths of your imagination.


Created by Diego Pintos @DondiegoTez
Creative collaboration with Tender @tender_art

To get a high resolution file, add "&print=14000" to the end of the live URL / hash, using any resolution number that fits your needs. Press 's' to save the file when it is done loading.

Press 'p' to continue the animation for another variation.

100% code, made with p5.js
See license.md

Minted Price10 TEZCreator
Diego Pintos
Dog Named Gus
Dog Named Gus
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