Project #15153 — iteration #232

Minted on December 3, 2022 at 21:33

13 crypto personalities highlighted for the #tezosartweek.
The images are previously clipped, then processed by threshold and levels in order to be reinterpreted by the program.

You can pull these well-known personalities from the crypto world
► Arthur Breitman: Ultra Rare
► Kathleen Breitman: Ultra Rare
► John McAfee: Super Rare
► Satoshi Nakamoto (x2): Rare
► Vitalik Buterin: Rare
► Sam Bankman: Common
► Justin Sun: Common
► Charles Hoskinson: Common
► Changpeng Zhao: Common
► Gavin Wood: Common
► Andre Cronje: Common
► Michael Saylor: Common
► Brian Armstrong: Common

During the generation process
► Press h to hide this window
► Press j to display it</h5>'

High quality
► Press 1,2,4,8 to increase the resolution
► Be patient....
► Press s to save a png

► Personality
► Palette (10 vintage styles)
► Stroke amplitude
► Negative Space (On/Off)

Made with p5js

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Lower is rarer
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