Project #16881 — iteration #287

Minted on July 22, 2022 at 21:54

This piece explores humanity's vanity and obsession with controlling natural forces. In the end we are beholden to the whims of the universe and its rules. What we think is artificial is but nature's inclination.

As an atom gazes at the world it can see the arrogant hand of mankind imposing its will. We are nature's inane creation built from imperceptible, discrete particles.

Enjoy watching the structures form. Due to the nature of the system it may take some time to complete. Once it's fully rendered you can download a full resolution image of 3508 x 4961 px by ***double clicking/tapping***. At this size the piece is printable at A3 size at 300 dpi. If you're interested in acquiring a signed print please contact @KRANKARTA.

Features include: palette, orientation, architecture, particle rules, boundary seepage and colour displacement.

Created on Chrome desktop 103.0 on 2022-07-21 in javascript and GLSL. Results on other browsers/devices may vary.

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