Project #1726 — iteration #31

Minted on November 30, 2021 at 03:26

This token generates a deterministic set of minimal, abstract buildings of varying widths, heights, transparencies, and patterns, assembling a skyline view of your own unique imaginary city. Each city comes with its own randomized city day.

Each mint has a native setting (Day or Night) which combined with the current time of viewing influences real-time movements of celestial bodies in your mint, e.g. on a mint with the Day setting, the sun will only appear when viewed during the day. The piece will re-render every minute.

The individual strokes of this token feature some of my latest developments of an algorithm that generatively simulates the texture of print imperfections. They are randomized at each render to give it a unique character. Note that depending on the complexity of each mint, some renders may introduce a brief pause. The aesthetics are greatly inspired by plotter art of early computer artists such as 'City Painting' by Grace C. Hertlein.

Made in p5js
Created Nov 2021
Artist: @Yazid

Minted Price3.63 TEZCreator
Lower is rarer
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