Project #10526 — iteration #1

Minted on March 11, 2022 at 00:19

"illusions" is an experiment with textures made from grains, flows and noise, which slowly forms into an abstract figure.
It can resemble clouds, nebulae, waterfalls, neon bars and anything else your brain can imagine while looking at it.

The growth and formation patterns of "illusions" are 3:
They can grow in the form of a cloud, in the form of lines/squares or just a noise, and also in a glitch effect.

There are 11 color palettes and one of them is monochromatic in black/white, it is the rarest as there is only 4% chance of happening.

You can open the live view to have a better experience.
-Also in live view you can press the "s" key to save a .png file of the artwork.

Works properly on Chrome.

This is an artwork in p5.js.

Omar Lobato Neto, 10/03/2022

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