Project #9867 — iteration #6

Minted on February 22, 2022 at 17:32

High in the hills and mountains of the Pacific Northwest’s coastal ranges reside the treasured Giant Sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum) – colossal creatures whose lives are measured in millenia. These conifers can reach upward an astonishing 85 meters (on average), live 4,000 years, and weigh in at a mind-bending 6,000 tons.

“Sequoias” is an impression of ancient majesty and natural beauty–a tribute to the uniqueness and solitude of these stunning lifeforms. In this work, a generative sky brightens the smokey, distant hills created generatively in an impressionistic style. Two or more Giants Sequoias sprout limbs like wings spreading out to take flight into the sky they reach toward. Created in a more illustrative style, the contrast is intended to make the subjects seem surreal in the presence of the ordinary. As an animated generative system, collectors can witness the curiosity of capriciously twisting branches and thoughtfully generated foliage as “Sequoias” builds the features of each tree. A constrained color palette showcases the features of the subject with complimentary variety to complete this wonderfully designed artwork.

Each of the 25 available editions are HD 1990x1080 and can be saved locally with the DOWN ARROW after the output has fully generated.

Selling Price is Dutch-Auction Based:

Opening Bid: 10 Tezzos each.
5 Tezzos after 30 minutes.
2.5 Tezzos after 60 minutes.
1 Tezzos after 90 minutes.
Unminted editions will be burned at the end of the next market cycle (within 72 hours).

Published 22, February 2022 on the fxhash Marketplace.
Created by Ed Cavett using p5.js and adapted derivatives of the p5.js Example Library with additional coding procedures created by Ed Cavett.

Standard Rendering Duration: Setup: 10-12 seconds; Full-render: 30-35 seconds.
Key Generative Components: array flow fields with p5.js noise-waves factored to position, and stochastic prn randomness.

Minted Price1 TEZCreator
Ed Cavett
NFT World
NFT World
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