750 TEZ

Project #7569 — iteration #52

Minted on January 20, 2022 at 16:02

Thank you for adding me to your collection. Now that I’m a part of your tez fam, please open me in live view, enter ‘9’ or ‘10’, wait, press ‘P’, print me, put me on your wall, and enjoy.

Clew is a generative art collection designed for your wall.

When opening live view, you’ll be prompted to choose a render quality (1 for lowest; 10 for highest). The higher quality renders are for printing and zooming in to choose your own sub-composition or explore the details/depth. Higher quality images will naturally take longer to render but will be worth the wait. If you find a partial render particularly nice, you can press spacebar to pause (and unpause) the render. Save a PNG by pressing ‘P’ or a JPEG with ‘J’. Medium and high quality renders are optimized for Chrome desktop and may not function on other browsers or mobile devices.

The processing length varies considerably, depending on the assigned traits. Therefore, not all previews will reflect the final output.

created using p5js

abstractment, 2022

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