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Komšije,' a word meaning 'neighbors' in Serbian, is an art piece that intertwines architectural elements with the Golden Ratio (1:1.618). Inspired by the brutalist architecture of New Belgrade, Serbia, and my love for minimalism and modernism, this work explores the possibilities of this combination generatively.

The buildings of New Belgrade, a significant inspiration for this piece, exhibit a unique character. Despite their aesthetic, which may have fallen out of popular style, these structures are exceptionally solid and well-designed, having withstood the test of time. More than mere apartment blocks, they represent vertical ecosystems. Within their stark and imposing concrete forms exist a multitude of private worlds, each suspended in a communal yet distinct space, embodying the essence of interconnectedness and resilience.

The Golden Ratio, a recurring element in my creations, is a proportion frequently found in nature. It is visible in sea shell spirals and human body proportions, offering an aesthetically pleasing and comforting familiarity.

In 'Komšije,' this ratio arranges mostly residential architectural forms in elevation view, blending Mid-Century modernism, Japanese post-modernism, and Eastern European brutalism. The compositions are created by repeatedly dividing the width and height of each piece by the Golden Ratio, ensuring every element is proportionally related to the whole. This method aligns column widths and floor heights, maintaining a cohesive structure.

The artwork strikes a balance between formal architectural diagrams and hand-drawn sketches. It features generative imperfections that mimic my sketching style, fostering a sense of openness and possibility missing from formal or detailed diagrams and renders. Although the structures depicted may not be architecturally practical, they are designed to evoke a sense of wonder and joy through their playful geometry and massing.


TENDER x Studio Yorktown
December 2023

'Komšije’ is Serbian for ‘neighbors’, and is a generative art series created by Studio Yorktown in collaboration with Adam Berninger of Tender.


Key Commands :

Press ‘S’ to save a high-resolution output of your structure.

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