Project #27608 — iteration #46

Minted on July 17, 2023 at 10:33

‘a reveure!’ is a catalan farewell expression. this collection is a souvenir to celebrate me meeting up with artists, collectors and friends during 2023’s summer art events (Responsive Dreams in Barcelona and NFT Show Europe in Valencia).
mechanics to get a piece: say ‘hi’ and chat with me to get a free pass to mint your iteration and its signed miniprint. i’ll be doing mobile live minting on small screen (iPad/phone) during Barcelona and Valencia events.

‘a reveure!’ is about simplifying my painting brushes style used in previous works, in an attempt to find minimalist and more conceptual approach. using only black and white and minimizing the use of random, i explore the void and the spaces generated on the canvas, discovering how abstract sculpture-like figures emerge. raw edges and big brushes make the eye confused as it seems 3D shapes building up.

this line of work and the concept behind it was inspired by Elena Asins’ computer art from late XX’s century.

the motion restarts every 20sec
press [s] or click/touch to save an image
press [r] to reload
press [1] - [9] to make higher resolution
press [c] to make brushes spin
press left/right arrows to move brushes left/right

made with love and p5js

thank you fxhash team to give me the opportunity and tools to do this special mobile live minting

Marc L Clapers / mekhno
summer 2023

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Gorilla Sun
Gorilla Sun
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