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Breathespace is a generative art piece that captures the beauty of the universe in a generative agent based system. Based on thousands of stars and planets in a magnetic field, the system creates the final painting using the organic movements of the stars' trails on the canvas. Each star is attracted or repelled by the planets based on their mass and magnetic power, resulting in a unique, mesmerizing visual experience.

The color palette of the painting is dynamically generated with base hues between 0 and 360, which are then populated through a color model. The color variation is determined by one of the nine color algorithms, including Analog 1, Analog 2, Complementary, Split Complementary, Triadic, Tetriadic, Tetriadic 2, Square, and Square 2. This means that each piece will have infinite, unique color variations within the desired colorspace.

As you gaze at the painting, you will be transported to a world of wonder and amazement as the stars dance across the canvas, creating a mesmerizing harmony of light and color.

The artwork is a generative token version of the Breathespace project, originally created in 2010 as a senior project.
From 2010 : Breathespace project creates Human Computer Interaction (HCI) based on breathing function of the body, which is autonomous, vital and personal. Where the spectator is surrounded by an immersive environment with dome projection and wears a modified mask which measures the breath flow. Then spectator is invited to enter into an image and sound space generated from his/her breathe flow, which includes abstract visual layers containing subtle hints of living organism.

Breathespace is generative token minted on Tezos Blockchain via fxhash.xyz website.
More info about the project can be found at [https://kozmoz.io/breathespace/](https://kozmoz.io/breathespace)

# Token Features
- Total Planets
- Magnetic Power
- Hue
- Saturation
- Brightness
- Color Model
- Monochrome
- Inverted

# Keyboard
- F : Fullscreen
- R : Reset
- E : Open Editor
- S : Save for Screen [ 2000x2000px PNG ]

# URL Params
Adjust artwork params depending on display medium.
- Responsive : ?responsive
- If param exists, artwork dimensions fit to the screen width and height otherwise square format is used.
- Output Resolution : ?pixelDensity=2
- Adjust for printing or display : Min 1 to max 5 [ 10000x1000 px PNG ]
- AutoP Play Time : ?autoPlay=5000
- Time in milliseconds to delay between space scenes when auto play mode is active.
- Exxample : tokenURL/index.html?reponsive&pixelDensity=2&autoPlay=5000

# About
I am Inan Olcer, designer and developer passionate about #GenerativeArt and #CreativeCoding. I merge technology and art to create captivating digital experiences.

Living at: https://kozmoz.io Fx, Ig: @inano Tw: @inanolcer

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