Project #26077 — iteration #64

Minted on March 22, 2023 at 21:35

This is a plottable re-exploration of Mandelglitch, a shader I created in 2020. It combines various mandelbrot fractal distortions, noise and domain warping. 21 different inks palette and 5 different paper are possible.

This generator uses fx(params) which allows the minter to partially finetune the art, making this a co-creation. I have chosen to allow to be able to configure all chaotic behaviors of these piece: the layers, density and distortion factors – however the paper/ink palette remain chosen by RNG (with the possibility to limit the colors from that palette). Take the time to play with the parameters, less can be better sometimes!

request a physical plot from @greweb at https://greweb.me/plots/nft – The NFT is ultimately the recipe to a physically plottable art piece, it exports a SVG that you can plot with pens – plotter artists are free to use their own materials and ship to collectors as long as the NFT is owned at the time of the request. Simply drag&drop (or right-click-save) in a folder to get the .SVG.

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