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Minted on April 17, 2023 at 18:24

Soul vortex explores new visual frontiers of my realtime fluid engine with non-realistic rendering that can only happen in digital world. You'll see that here reality is twisted but strangely the result looks like a human creation with texture that can range from stained glass to aquarelle to pencil drawing, from paper to tapestry, with style from medieval art to Art Nouveau to abstract art.

I've spent long time optimizing code part and the whole engine is now ~30kb all together with no external dependency. It could be stored on-chain!

If you like it, don't hesitate to check my other works using this fluid engine and more on fxhash.

Note: this is a realtime engine running on mobile, CPU and GPU. You can see tiny differences between platforms (specially on vortices) due to implementation differences and math approximations. But nothing significative.


You can stop at any step if you like the state at this instant, you can restart it, de/increase resolution (default is 4096x4096 to have sharp image, up to 16K x 16K) and snapshot at any resolution.

- H: hide/show help.
- Space - pause/start animation.
- R - restart animation.
- I - hide/show res/fps panel.
- A-Q/D - down/up full resolution
- S - take full resolution snapshot

Note: When downloading image, your browser can limit max image link size (My Chrome limits to 5760x5760, Firefox no).

Now, enter my soul vortex!

Soul Vortex @naibdian 2023 Project made using Opensource WebGL, JS libs

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