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Minted on March 20, 2023 at 23:05

๐Ÿ”ฅ BURN NOTICE: This is a FIVE DAY "open edition" to celebrate the launch of fx(params). The project is open for minting from the start of Monday until midnight Friday (GMT).

YYYSEED is an artwork with an aesthetic that works across digital, print and pen plotting mediums, leaning towards the minimalistic nature of drawing machines. SVGs can be exported for this purpose.

I've designed the algorithm to work best for this with the default settings, you should be good to go right out of the box. You can explore the design space a little further using the parameters (more details below).

If you're planning on plotting the work at larger sizes (A2, A1), then the "Override suggest lines" is there for you to cram more of them into the extra space.

PARAMS ::::::::::::::

The initial settings of the parameters are what I think best for the look I'm trying to achieve as the artist: minimal pen plotting work. This comes from the "Suggested" and "Random for hash" values.

You can take the design away from that by turning the "Use suggested lines" and "Use suggested destroyer" options off, and using your own values with the slider.

"Random for hash" means the feature has been randomly selected and fixed for the current hash and won't change. For example, if the hash is 'ooABCD' and the grid's "Random for hash" picks 3x4, then it will always be 3x4 for that hash, it isn't random each time you change sometime. Picking a new hash however will then randomly pick a new (fixed) option.

DANGER SEED :::::::::

USE OF THE DANGER SEED IS NOT RECOMMENDED. If you set the DANGER SEED, the value will be encoded along with the rest of the params (where it can be decoded) in the stored data of the mint, along with the token.

The DANGER SEED will only take effect if it starts with 'YYY', it will STOMP all over the other settings, including the hash.


h - Toggle highres mode on/off (starts off)
t - Toggle paper background on/off
s - Save png (in highres if toggled on)
1-6 - Save SVGs for plotting A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6


Press 1-6 to select which A1-6 size paper you want to plot onto, the the system will download one or more files for you to use, one file per colour.

Please tag #plottertwitter, or #penplotter on twitter, instagram & mastodon

PRINTING ::::::::::::

The output of the high resolution version is 6,144 x 8,192 pixels. That will print at the following sizes.

300dpi: 20.48 x 27.31 inches (52.02 x 69.35 cm)
200dpi: 30.72 x 40.96 inches (78.03 x 104.03 cm)

300dpi is recommended, but 200dpi should be fine for this design. I suggest turning the paper texture off if you're printing onto textured archival paper, you can leave it on when printing onto smooth white paper.

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