Project #15112 — iteration #39

Minted on June 18, 2022 at 15:01

An experiment with walkers and particles. The sketch starts by creating lines according to the path taken by the walkers (8 possible directions), then particles are emitted along these lines. The program has two possibilities, two modes to diffuse the particles, flame and splash, they determine how the particles will be affected by a Perlin noise.

The separation of this program in two times corresponds to two gestures which are opposed since the first one consists in leaning on a grid to order the lines whereas the second one consists in scrambling this order with convolutions.



[d] Download a capture of the sketch at the current size (the default size is 1000px).

[2][3][4] change the scale and redraw the drawing to a size of 2000px, 3000px or 4000px in width and height respectively.


Nicolas Lebrun

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