The triangle balance #39

created bynclslbrn

owned byCoolBlue

created bynclslbrn

owned byCoolBlue

The triangle balance #39

Project #13077 — iteration #39

Minted on May 22, 2022 at 18:03

This work is an attempt to create arbitrary colors and shapes from three triangles that emit particles (of cyan, magenta and yellow colors). During their short lives, these particles will be pushed to the sides of the grid cells.

Here the palette is not used to fill in shapes, the palette is used to create shapes.


Keyboard controls

[d] Download a capture of the sketch at the current size (the default size is 800px).

[2][3][4] change the scale and redraw the drawing to a size of 1600px, 2400px or 3200px in width and height respectively (point positions may vary a bit).

[a] redraw the sketch point by point, when the sketch is done, it will restart automatically.

Url parameters

You can change scale and mode by passing parameters in the URL, scale=1|2|3 will change the resolution and isAnimated=1 will launch the sketch in the animation mode (You have to prefix these parameters with ? or & if you use both scale and isAnimated).

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