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Minted on February 5, 2022 at 17:16

Barriers is an artwork+data visualization about the state of LGBT+ rights across the world.

Each edition is assigned 1 out of 197 countries. Four basic LGBT+ rights are represented as circles with barriers. The largest circle signifies whether homosexual activity is legal. The second-largest signifies same-sex marriage. The third one, same-sex adoption. The smallest one is the legality of gender change. One barrier means full rights. The more barriers, the more unequal rights are afforded to LGBT+ people.

The colors of the edition signify the country’s region and subregion.

The artwork adapts to different screen sizes and ratios, so I recommend exploring it on various devices or resizing your browser window.

· Interactions in-depth ·

Desktop - S for save / D for dark mode / A for animate again

Mobile - Long press for save / Double tap for dark mode / Quadruple tap for animate again

Created using p5js and FettePalette. Data is from Equaldex.

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