Project #8084 — iteration #372

Minted on January 27, 2022 at 19:44

Rules :
1. Start with either a line or a circle from a number of random points in the space.
2. A line can only spawn a circle at the end.
3. A circle can spawn both lines and circles before it completes the full circle.
4. A circle can sometimes spawn an inner circle.
5. Smaller elements will spawn randomly along with the lines.

This was inspired by the patterns in Marvel's movie : Eternals. I enjoyed the line growing animation with basic geometry ( line and circle ). Combining this with the rules It generates interesting results.

To add more variety to the rendering, I've added the dash lines in instead of only solid lines. Also the 'lines' consist of thousands of small dots to give it randomness and a bit of texture feeling.

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Yi-Wen LIN
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