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Breathespace is agent based particle system consisting of 10000 Stars and few Planets.

Stars are attracted or repelled to Planets depending on their mass and total magnetic power.
Stars trails are making the painting exposed with their organic moves the canvas.

Color palette is dynamically created from uniqe hash string and selected from limited ranges of hue, saturation and brightness values, then shifted by Gamma Radiation. This way every piece will have infinite, unique color variations within desired colorspace.

- Total Planets : Min 3 max 4
- Magnetic Power : Overall magnetic power of space 100 - 200 GHZ
- Gamma Radiation : Shifting colors in space from 0 to 360 radians.
- Planet 1,2,3,4 Mass : Mass of planets

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- S : Save as PNG

I am Inan Olcer Interaction designer and developer. Loves #GenerativeArt , #CreativeCoding bits, atoms and life. Lives and works at https://kozmoz.io Fx, Ig: @inano Tw: @inanolcer

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Journey of Curiosity
Journey of Curiosity
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