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Minted on December 28, 2021 at 22:58

aprendizajes is a generative art project that pays a tribute to the process of learning. 25% of primary proceeds go to Save The Children. Full description of the artwork+instructions here: https://www.iillucid.com/aprendizajes/

The artwork allows the user to:

* Change resolution: press 'd' followed by any number from 1 to 9 to add that amount to the pixel density. If you get a black screen you have surpassed what your graphics card can handle: press d + 0 to reset the pixel density. You can fine tune pressing d followed by + or - (+/- 0.5).
* Save image: press 's' to save the current image as png. For a higher resolution png, 1st increase the resolution using 'd' and then save the image with 's'.
* Tune image parameters: press 'z' (brightness), 'x' (contrast), 'g' (gamma), 'b' (blur) followed by + or - to adjust. Toggle tuning with 'a'. Press 'n' then + or - to adjust amount of noise.
* Redraw: 'r' (changes how lines are drawn)

It is recommended to read the full instructions on the article.

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