Project #24604 — iteration #23

Minted on February 6, 2023 at 19:33

My contribution to #genuary32nd.

This work is based on a suprematist composition (#genuary day 11) in which each element (rectangle) is extruded to be placed on an isometric grid. Some faces have lines running through them. Usually, moiré patterns are produced by parallel lines but I couldn't resist adding some randomness.

Box: number of boxes in the composition (between 6 and 24)
Format: portrait (960x1280) or square (1080x1080)
Composition Angle: an overall angle that is used to rotate the composition/ set of cubes, each cube also has its own rotation.

Option in live mode

Press [d] key to export the canvas as PNG.


Nicolas Lebrun @nclslbrn nicolas-lebrun.fr

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Jorge Ledezma
Jorge Ledezma
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