Project #24283 — iteration #8

Minted on February 1, 2023 at 19:28

🪂 AIRDROP for holders of DUB BE GOOD TO BE project #23706, details below.


The Presence captures moments before the collapse, strange memories trapped like ghosts in the desolated landscape. The fragments of a culture once flourished here, a glimpse of The Traveller, now gone; they were here, they were alive. The Presence scans the horizon, scanning for the radio signals, a plea for connection, a plea for understanding. The Seeker yearns for the Traveller, longing to be reunited with their companion once more.

But as the Presence sends the transmissions, doubts creep in. Will they ever be received? Will The Seeker even still be able to reconstruct the message, to understand the love and longing imbued in every transmission?

The Traveller's heart aches with the possibility of being forever lost, of their love and connection being nothing more than a fleeting memory in the endless expanse of the universe, they slip again.


This is an image composition of fragments of unknown places, and sometimes people or things. There are rules behind the composition, for a moment in time they are pinned in place, before melting away to reform.


AIRDROP - A snapshot of holders of the project "Dub Be Good To Me" will be taken approximately THREE minutes after the release of this project. 41 Pieces will then be minted and air-dropped to those holders.

Minted Price33 TEZCreator
Lower is rarer
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