Project #2332 — iteration #344

Minted on December 6, 2021 at 19:04

640 unique sketches of imaginary walls, inspired by the work of Norwegian architect Erling Viksjø (1910–1971) and his artist collaborators. Viksjø designed the Government Quarter in Oslo and invited artists from different disciplines to help design the facades and interiors of the buildings.

Viksjø’s aim was to “soften” modernist architecture. He invented «Natural Concrete», a type of concrete that deliberately exposes the mixed-in stones on its surface to give it warmth and a human touch. In my work, I have similar ambitions—using code instead of concrete.

The different styles of the piece are inspired by, and dedicated to some of the artists who worked together with Viksjø: Jakob Weidemann (~2%), Carl Nesjar (~18%), Odd Tandberg (~30%), and Tore Haaland (~50%).

In live mode, press ‘S’ to save an image at current resolution or ‘P’ to save a high-resolution file at 6000×6000px (this might take a while depending on your hardware).

Original artwork by Andreas Rau · Made with p5.js & glsl · Oslo, 2021

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