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Minted on September 18, 2022 at 16:00

Fêlure is a piece picturing our inner selves.

Fêlure means a crack in french. It can almost be pronounced as Failure. But not quite.

It started from a square, that was cracked into many fragments. From outside, it is still a square, stable, reliable. From inside, it is a mess, with many experiences, each one being unique, each one with its own specificity.

Even though we relate to others, there is no definition of normal. No one looks the same. This is why the palettes are all generated and there can be an infinity of them. Some have more darkness than others. Some are warmer, some are cooler. Some are a mix of many things.

Our experiences and our cracks shape us. Sometimes following a natural flow. Sometimes following specific rules. But always guiding us as a whole.


The day I started working on this piece, I realized that I often show myself as chill, ready to give a hand, ready to listen to others. But who am I to help others when I'm not sure about who I am or even what I am?

Maybe that's why I'm able to relate. Because I have my own experiences that cracked me. And built me. So even if I'm a mess, even if I'm not sure about where I'm going, let's share and try to find out together.


- The images are meant to be viewed in an horizontal full screen but will adapt to any format
- Click on the image to restart the animation
- Hit "S" key or long tap on mobile in the live view to trigger an export
- Add &width=5000 to the live view URL to render the image at 5000 pixels wide



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Julien Pradet
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