Project #15958 — iteration #9

Minted on July 8, 2022 at 17:01

COILING 2 is an experiment in weaving color to create an orbiting sphere. Each sphere grows from a randomized initial condition. The coiling then continues to expand from 256 different rules of growth, building up each sphere ring by ring. The weaving employs a cellular automata (CA) system to generate a sphere defined by a distribution of colored cells.

Description of Features

COMPOSITION: The framing or camera view of each token is inspired by a satellite view of a planet:
Horizon 40%
Quarter 25%
Perigee 14%
Binary 20%
Apogee 1%

COLOR PALETTE: The color logic is constrained across three palettes:
Pastel 70%
Jelly Bean 25%
Neon 5%

COLORATION: How the colors are related within each palette:
Contrast 65%
Bright 25%
Medium 5%
Dark 5%

GRADIENT: The overall color gradient from pole to pole of the sphere runs through 2 or 3 colors:
Three Colors 33%
Two Colors 66%

Navigation Instructions:
1. Click, Left or Right arrow to toggle between different views.
2. Space pauses animation
3. “i” saves view as png.

Minted Price4 TEZCreator
Lower is rarer
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