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Every windy gust.... every breeze, gave the restless grasses a chance to spread their suggestive rumours, their spurious gossip. All the while, Old Ones of the field towered above, chanting to their wrathful Sky God for more rain.... Always more rain.

Intended for high resolutions. Use the following keys once render is complete, to export (letters export without a border)

Square mode
1 (q) : 2048x2048
2 (w) : 3072x3072
3 (e) : 4096x4096
4 (r) : 5120x5120

Landscape mode (increases spacing between objects to preserve aspect ratio)
5 (t) : 2560x1440
6 (y) : 3840x2160
7 (u) : 5128x2880
8 (I) : 7680x4320

Note: Generated textures are resolution dependant, resulting in very slight differences across resolutions. Composition however, remains identical.

Tested with Chrome, Edge and Firefox on Windows, Chrome on Mac.
Note for Firefox users : Ensure "Use hardware acceleration" is ticked – Found in Settings / Performance. Other advanced settings to enable include : gfx.canvas.accelerated, gfx.direct2d.force-enabled and gfx.offscreencanvas.enabled - Unfortunately even with these, Firefox appears slower than other browsers.

Shoulders of Giants [license text and links included in source]
- Aristid Lindenmayer – Formal L-System language (Tree routine)
- P5.js - Creative coding framework
- JS Topology Suite "JSTS", a port of Java Topology Suite "JTS" - High-level Geometry library

Additional JS functions
- Epistemex - Cardinal Splines library (Curve calculations)
- MaetDol - K-Means library (Tree foliage routine)
- Angelos Chalaris - Directed Graphs Tutorial (Tree routine)

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