Project #10870 — iteration #19

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Inspired by grid-based geometric artworks, GridWorks is a collection of 250 pieces, where I experimented with various layouts, shapes, colors and rotations.

I've always loved geometry and geometric shapes, as it never ceases to amaze me how one can achieve quite unpredictable and complex results just by simple variations, alignments and rotations. And in GridWorks, I wanted to add my touch to the popular grid-based geometric art concept with a high variety of shapes, visually pleasing combinations and vibrant colors.

GridWorks is generated with 60 different hand-coded base shapes, 18 delicately prepared color palettes and a number of varying features, resulting in a countless amount of unique variations.

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Made by: yenren / twitter.com/yenrenART
Made with: JavaScript + HTML Canvas
License: LICENSE.txt

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