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Project #7680 — iteration #10

Minted on January 21, 2022 at 22:39

In the footsteps of Euclid, Adolf Zeising and Leonardo Fibonacci. The golden number Phi 1.6180339.

The beginning forms a square, which is divided with the rules of the golden ratio. The partition is done on the left, right, top or bottom side. Where to divide, is decided by chance.Two rectangles are created. The process repeats. The rectangles are partitioned again according to the described rules.

The algorithm allows between 6 and 250 divisions. The number of the divisions is also random. With just 6 divisions an image of 4096 possible variants is created. At only 20 divisions there are 1,099,511,627,776 variants.

There are 29 different color palettes. After the division a random assignment takes place. A color palette consists of at least 4 colors. Which color each of the rectangles gets, is again decided by chance.

* 29 color palettes
* 5 division levels
* 4 background colors
* black/white grain

By pressing the numbers 1-4 on the keyboard, the image can be saved in a resolution up to 8K.

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