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RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton #932

created byciphrd

owned bymiiVault

Stephen Wolfram's Elementary Cellular Automaton where 3 different rules are drawn in the Red, Green and Blue color components of the image.

Rules are selected randomly among a pre-selection of 53 rules from which nice behaviors emerge.

Tokens can have a cell size in the [1; 20] range.

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Minted the: 11/11/2021 at 14:24Royalties: 10.0%Metadata assigned: yesTransaction hash: opPCYN7EgxMKuJraJx8LJfzSqKhjCHC8yFz2sMBvNeTZu6rkuEoIteration number: 932Rarity: 23% (lower is rarer)Metadata: ipfs://QmYgmWqVFQNZQ5s89x1XezMZ2RmCiRmXACFppeHarW7qQk


Red Rule163
Green Rule99
Blue Rule135
Cell Size20
Common Rules0

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