Project #5123 — iteration #271

Minted on December 28, 2021 at 06:19

Mono was your typical countryside cat. During one late-night prowl, Mono discovered The Hash. All the other cats were astonished by the beauty of the thrilling find. Not before long did all the cats find themself living in the vibrant New Hash City. To keep up with the constant adrenaline rush of their new life, the cats have developed several traits to help them master the city.

hash cats are a group of 512 generated cats with numerous different features.

Rarity features include:
– 9 head colors
– 32 different head-gears
– 46 collars
– 40 upper face traits (eyewear and makeup)
– 3 lower face traits
– 15 mouth and nose types
– 46 sweaters and hoodies
– 81 sweater traits
– 3 gaze directions
– 29 background patterns * 30 swatch variations
– A very small chance to mint a cat with an artist signature

~ 1% chance to mint a Mono cat

hash cats is a collaboration GENTK by @levoontin & @3amkind.

Type 's' to save a PNG image of your cat (in full screen).

→ Follow @hash_cats_ on Twitter for updates on the cats!

Minted Price1 TEZCreator
Gibberish Umbra
Gibberish Umbra
Lower is rarer
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