Perpendicular Inhabitation #63

created byStudio Yorktown

owned byIda Belle

created byStudio Yorktown

owned byIda Belle

Perpendicular Inhabitation #63

10000 TEZ

Project #24169 — iteration #63

Minted on January 25, 2023 at 16:15

'Perpendicular Inhabitation' is a generative collection exploring the relationship between the urban landscape and the human experience, particularly feelings of nostalgia and more specifically 'anemoia' : the feeling of nostalgia for a time or place that we may not have actually experienced first hand.

Despite depicting a stylised modern architectural language, at its core the collection serves as a homage to 1980s Japan, an era of unprecedented prosperity that left a lasting impression on the music and artwork of the time. Through the use of carefully created palettes and composition, the outputs intend to evoke feelings of optimism, while guiding viewers to consider why the essence of this era is so alluring in the present day as it continues to influence and inspire contemporary art.

The use of exaggerated perpendicular verticals, as well as the heavily foreshortened mountain ranges present in some outputs, convey a sense of hope and possibility for the future. What does it feel like to hope and dream in the city? To look up and be filled with a sense of wonder from the built environment around you?

This project has been created with print in mind at a ratio of 3:4

It is recommended to examine your outputs at full size in order to enjoy them to the fullest.

You are encouraged to return often to notice things you may not have seen previously.

Generated with code using p5.js

Images are generated at 2400 x 3200 px.

To save a PNG file, please press 'S'.

Depending on the complexity of each output, please wait up to 10 seconds for the image generation to complete.

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Studio Yorktown
Ida Belle
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