interval composition study #65

created byAliaK

owned byOrange Juice

created byAliaK

owned byOrange Juice

interval composition study #65

Project #22549 — iteration #65

Minted on December 16, 2022 at 07:05

interval composition study

exploring Plato's idea in Symposium, paraphrasing: "it is beauty I seek, not beautiful things"

the principles of forms ::: searching for balance and beauty in the randomness

starting with composition studies - rule of thirds, varying intervals, and golden rectangle/mean support

using base colours & base/Platonic forms - switched to mostly monochrome to build up tones, with a splash of red to add emphasis/focus

main image is fullscreen view - best viewed in fullscreen view
the different previews will show cropped view

drawing by AliaK 16/12/2022

coded in p5.js

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Orange Juice
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