Project #21533 — iteration #117

Minted on November 20, 2022 at 13:26

digital wallaby in its new blockchain environment made of Tezos API data

there are currently 3 species of wallaby classed as extinct in NSW, Australia - let's protect the remaining species so living on the blockchain is not their future

in this version, blockchain api data (text) is displayed as blocks, hidden / encoded in the drawing

some iterations will show close-up views of the wallaby, as lines/mesh, to see different perspectives of the species and their view in their new digital habitat

::: experimental p5.js, WEBGL API drawing
::: ** may be very slow or unresponsive on iOS browsers/devices **
::: blockchain API data is read from a file, not requested dynamically, to maintain a self-contained drawing for fxhash platform
::: previews may differ slightly to main image
::: API data as digital landscape / architecture / habitat
::: part of my specture series
::: 18/11/2022
::: fxhashTurnsOne

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