Project #20581 — iteration #10

Minted on October 29, 2022 at 14:56

It's almost Halloween !
Feels like a logical time to be releasing this project I have been working on for the past weeks.

This generative token outputs generative masks, using Bezier curves and axial symmetry.
I have been using symmetry in most of my projects lately, as it often outputs unexpected harmony and order to otherwise chaotic results.

Working with Bezier curves, axial symmetry renders mask-like shapes when combined with shadows, with intricate patterns emerging, taking advantage of pareidolia to output interesting results.

Using Gaussian distribution while drawing the individual Bezier shapes, interesting variations occur, while maintaining an overall face shape.

It's still early enough for you to perfect your Halloween costume, so make sure you grab yours !

This project was made with love and the p5js library.
100% code.
The process was 100% fun.
I hope you enjoy looking at the canvas coming to life as much as I have so far !

Some underlying variables were used to create a rarity system.

// Access List : all holders of my last project 'Captioned Diagrams' were added to the access list.

// Press 's' in live mode to save a high resolution png file of your render.

Minted Price1 TEZCreator
Lower is rarer
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