Project #19688 — iteration #54

Minted on October 1, 2022 at 01:08

Thalassophobia is defined as the terror of deep water. The composition features a winding and cyclical path made from colored circles and light texture, which represents how fear consumes and grows.

Circles and paths were chosen to form a visually simple system, and in part because these elements are deeply important symbols.

The start point for the looping path is randomized for each output. Transparency variations soften the transition where the cycle begins and ends, with the last circle almost completely transparent drawn over the first.

Color gradients were created that smoothly transition and completely cycle, with different start points on each run. The light texturing of lines, varied transparency and partial occlusion cues together create a subtle impression of depth and structure.

Each output from this algorithm features a circuitous path established around 2-6 randomized switchbacks, with small, medium or large circles. Those two characteristics affect the rarity of the output, while the color gradients have equal likelihood among 15 options.

This system was originally composed in R code, then translated to p5.js for fxhash.

Verified NFT collectors can purchase a fine art print for their unique token at vadenart.com

About the artist: Kenny Vaden is a generative artist based in Charleston, SC. His art experience included drawing, painting, stained glass apprenticeships, and nature photography. Vaden’s code-based artworks are available online as limited edition or single edition fine art prints, as well as NFTs on Quantum.art, Flamingo DAO Flutter, OpenSea, Objkt, and Foundation. More information about the artist and artwork is available on vadenart.com

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Kenny Vaden
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