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Minted on August 22, 2022 at 17:47

How and when Time started has always been one of the biggest questions of the humankind, that is yet to be answered.

There are things we may know, and there are things we may never know. Though, one thing that may be considered as certain is that, it did not start before it was started to be measured.

* * *

This generative artwork is a gift to my dear collectors of TI·ME series (TI·ME I, TI·ME II & TI·ME III).

Any collector who is holding 3 or more pieces of any of the three TI·ME collections mentioned above at the snapshot time of Aug 22, 18:00 UTC, will receive a piece from TI·ME 0 sent to their wallet. One piece per each 3 pieces held, i.e., if you have 9 pieces in total from any TI·ME collections combined, you will receive 3 pieces. Remaining pieces (if any), will be sent to randomly selected collectors who have less than 3 pieces.

Thank you very much for collecting and for your continuous support. Only with that, I can continue to do what I love.

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Made by: yenren / twitter.com/yenrenART
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