150 TEZ

Project #17796 — iteration #99

Minted on August 11, 2022 at 18:28

Solitude is a study of negative space, contrast and void; made with 6 different particle systems. It's about the loneliness, energy dependency of our species and our interest towards monumental constructions.


In 3541, when Solitude was far from its former glory, the high council was assembling; it's now time to find a new way to live. It has been centuries since our people started to harness the power of the stars, but they used every last bit of power to serve as a mass effort to bring people together and strengthen solidarity. But now just a few remain.. With a shortage of manpower and energy, everything decayed so quickly. Now this isolated civilization is built upon the dying stars and waiting for the eternal void.

It's time for the high council to assemble for one last time to decide what to do next…


The first 5 collectors at the highest tier(60 xtz) will receive an airdrop of an additional edition minted by us and also will have a guaranteed reserve spot for our next collection.

In live mode, press ‘s’ to save as .png (4000 x 7111 px) - You can check the console to confirm if the render is finished.

Please beware there are some minor differences -caused by different pixel densities- between the saved .png and work on the site.

It can take up to a minute to render or longer in low-performance computers. Enjoy the process!

Made with p5.js

Ilgın İçözü, August 2022

Minted Price15 TEZCreator
Lower is rarer
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