Rosemaling I

Rosemaling I

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This generative art token was created as a collaboration between artist Kristen Applegate and the NFT Museum of Newberry, SC. The connection was made when NFT museum founder, Robert Matheson, made a presentation about NFTs to the Art + Design students of Lander University. Shortly afterward Kristen and the graduate students of Lander toured the #Cryptografik generative art exhibition. Kristen expressed interest in minting her custom cross-stitch designs as NFTs. She has since minted multiple “Saints & Martyrs” NFTs on Objkt and now her first generative art token on fxhash.

Over several weeks Kristen and Robert coded side-by-side to create this generative token titled “Rosemaling I”. The outputs are functional cross-stitch patterns that can be used to create IRL pieces of embroidered art.

We share 33% of future royalties with the original minters in an effort to encourage the promotion of fxhash artists and raise awareness of generative art on the blockchain. We want this art to spread far and wide. Thank you for your support in helping us accomplish this goal.

Token Details:

Rosemaling I
Collab by kmappleg8 x NFTMuseumSC
June 2022
fxhash Compliant NFT

Artist Bio:

kmappleg8 is an artist and assistant professor in the Department of Art + Design at Lander University in Greenwood, SC. She is new to coding and generative art but not to digital design. She eagerly awaits the time when her coding skills will enable her to bring more complex ideas to fruition. When not in the classroom or in front of her laptop, she can be found making pretty good ceramic work and mediocre flower beds.

Artist Statement

Rosemaling, or rose painting, is a decorative folk art that flourished in Norway in the 18th and 19th centuries when the Baroque and Rococo artistic styles of the upper class were introduced into Norway's rural culture. The stylized ornamentation is characterized by fantasy flowers, scrollwork, and flowing patterns. It initially adorned church walls, but I encountered it on common use items such as the bowls, stools, chairs, boxes, and trunks at my grandmother’s house. Although she herself was not a rosemaling artist, several other female relatives were accomplished in the technique.

The “Rosemaling I” series is a first experiment with making generative art using simple patterns for traditional rosemaling designs. Although typically associated with folk painting, the 3 compositions in this series are cross stitch patterns, with each glyph signifying a particular color of thread. Theoretically anyone could print one of the generative designs, purchase the corresponding 18 colors of thread, and create a cross stitch. However at 14 stitches per inch, the final product would be only about 3” x 3”. More complex things to come.


- Press 's' to save .png

Additional Credits and Attributions:

- Coded using p5js: https://p5js.org/

About the NFT Museum of Newberry, SC:

Established in October of 2021, the mission of the Non-Fungible Token Museum is to provide a physical and virtual space for NFT art education, collaboration and exhibition in an effort to help our communities benefit from emerging blockchain technologies. Learn more at www.NonFungibleTokenMuseum.org

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robert matheson
kristen applegate
pixel art





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