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Deconstructing images with lines. The PINTR algorithm works by starting the pencil somewhere in the image, then drawing imaginary lines to different random places on the image and selecting the line that will make the drawing look more like the image.

In a sense, the pencil is always looking for the next best stroke.

PINTR is an interactive art project created by me, and fx(hash) is the only place to find interactive NFTs of this project created by the author. https://javier.xyz/pintr/

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Minted the: 14/01/2022 at 01:09Price: 1 tezRoyalties: 10.0%Original supply: 64Supply burnt: 0Tags: PINTR, drawing, plotter, generative, image, art, algorithmMetadata: ipfs://QmavhXcFQpJf4cZpfeizyaSV4T1Egxz8bnptJrskk7EguL

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