Dreams of remote agglomerations


Dreams of remote agglomerations

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Published on September 22, 2022 at 21:38
Image composition

It is deep night over the now silent city, my tired eyes, of a young father, yearn for the arms of Morpheus, but the devil hidden in the algorithm whispers in my ear and distracts me from the well-deserved rest.

Review that expression, he tells me, it may be true, but it may be false, and so it teases me all night, insinuates doubts that make you think, make you doubt what has been created with so many hours of work.

I kindly thank him, having doubts and not just certainties has always helped me in life, as a good chess player i have always found more alternatives before making the move that i think is right.
So i greet him and do the wisest thing, i switch off my brain, i go instinctively, i take the path of my first need of the moment, the cot.

I don't know why but generally i don't dream, maybe i dream and i don't remember, but when i remember them, i am reminded of the infinite of Leopardian memory, alien lands, imaginary landscapes, in the past i described them on paper, now i can bring them back in nft, as this dream of agglomerations of distant worlds, i think they are built by an intelligent entity, even if the case has good merits.

I have kept the algorithm at bay so as not to distance myself too much from my sight, but sometimes it amazes me by showing me something I did not expect, will it be a bug? will it be a little taste of intelligence?
Posterity will judge.

kisses and hugs
Genull from Circinus

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