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Indigo Rain

Cezanne's Dreamscape

Indigo Rain

Cezanne's Dreamscape

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Project #24035

Published on January 21, 2023 at 09:13
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The art series "Cezanne's Dreamscape" is an exploration of the intersection between the realistic style of Paul Cezanne and the fantastical elements of Surrealism. The paintings in this series feature recognizable landscapes and still lifes, rendered in Cezanne's signature thick brushstrokes and bold use of color, but with surreal twists. In these artworks, ordinary objects such as fruit bowls and card players are placed in surreal and unexpected contexts, and familiar landscapes are distorted and dreamlike.

The series is an attempt to pay homage to Cezanne's revolutionary approach to painting while also pushing the boundaries of traditional representation. I have used the familiar motifs of Cezanne, such as his still lifes of apples, to create an otherworldly atmosphere. The series is a combination of Cezanne's ability to create a sense of depth, volume and movement with the element of surprise and illogicality of the surrealism.

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