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Published on July 21, 2022 at 14:20

This collection takes its main inspiration from the Turkish marbling art “Ebru” and tries to spin it with a golden twist, hence alchemy :)

alchemy(maxima) tries to create a composition either using one of the two grid types, and sometimes breaking them or in a totally chaotic way, but uses color harmony and rhythm to keep the chaos in check and the resulting image still somewhat interesting and sometimes golden-ish…

The name includes “maxima” because this is the first part of a 2-part series; its companion collection “alchemy(minima)” will be released soon and as per my tradition will be freely available to maxima holders.

From the proceeds of the primary sales of alchemy(maxima),

- 33% will directly go to The Processing Foundation,
- 33% will fund the greater evil,
- 34% will be used to grow my collection.

So in a way, all the proceeds will go back into the ecosystem. This is my way of making up for taking tez out with my donations earlier.

If you are wondering what the hell “the greater evil” is, read about it here :


And find it here:


About the work:

- 22 palettes - 7 new, 15 recycled,
- 3 main variants,
- 4 sub-variants each,
- 9 visible and some hidden features :)
- After going live, press “s” to save a png (at your screen resolution)
- No hi-res output due to the warp manipulating the pixel array directly, which means higher res equals to much higher computation time.

Thank you all in advance and have a good day!

Warp functions are based on this article by Inigo Quilez : https://iquilezles.org/articles/warp/

DISCLAIMER : I am not a good coder, I have tried to fix my past mistakes from my earlier projects to make some room for new mistakes :) I am learning on the way and certainly hoping that there aren't any huge bugs or anything, so you can enjoy your mint! Please hit me up if you have any concerns after minting and we can discuss a solution.

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