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Abstract Feeling

Gray Team

Abstract Feeling

20/20 minted

Project #20100

Published on October 5, 2022 at 17:03

Abstract or non-realistic art is an activity of the mind.
This means that our mind abstracts some concepts from real concepts that exist outside our minds. Concepts extracted in this way have no external value.
For instance, the concept of human is an abstract concept that the mind abstracts from the commonalities that exist outside of our minds but exist in the real world. The concept of human being abstracted from the commonality of these people is a general concept that does not exist in the outside world.
Color and form do not refer to any external reality and are used as the only ones available. This definition separates non-realist art from realist art. Realist art encompasses all types of paintings that evoke a reality outside the mind through form and shape.
Non-realistic or abstract art begins when these connections are completely broken.
There is no reality in abstract art, it creates and creates images that we do not see in real life, and the visual elements that are used in abstract art do not exist externally in the real world. Abstract art does not introduce or represent reality. This means that it expresses a kind of composition and its own visual concepts.
In this art, communication is sought through a different tool and expression. The purpose of this style is to avoid profiting from, using, and displaying objects and shapes of our surroundings.
In this style, geometric shapes and elements (squares, rectangles, circles, triangles) are suspended in space, and intersecting lines have no trace of the real world and there are no signs of trees, rivers or living creatures, so the viewer is free to reflect on this painting only on the basis of his feelings.
Our goal with this collection was to show a corner of this style.
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